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Traditional english blend

Wake up to Big Ben, a quintessential English breakfast tea. Big Ben is a blend of Yunnan and Assam: sweet yet invigorating, mellow yet spicy. Good morning to you!

It’s easy to make Big Ben G.F.O.P. using our gourmet tea bags!

- Whole-leaf tea

- Ready to use

- Practical for the workplace

Our Big Ben G.FO.P. comes in delicate cotton gourmet tea bags for quick and easy preparation. Simply infuse a tea bag in 10 cl of hot but not boiling water for 3 to 5 minutes. Remove, and enjoy! Big Ben G.F.O.P. is a very good blend of Yunnan and Assam. Both mild and invigorating, round and spicy, it is a successful blend of the main characteristics of both teas.

Each box contains 20 gourmet tea bags with 2 g of tea.